Friday, 27 September 2013

Having a blog for the sake of customizing and HOLIDAYS!

Hello. So, remember in the last post when I said I finally finished customizing and adding extra glittery stuff? Yeah well, I take that back.

I swear the sole purpose why I have this blog is to have fun with the customisations.. I have no life..
And the best place to get all those glittery icons is from!!
Do you know why I mentioned that? It's so I won't forget. I hate the tendency I have to forget incredibly good websites!! *cough* my old blog ;( *cough*

Okay.. so there's this thing I tweaked called a blockquote, so I'm just gonna test it out right now.. and make sure you hover over it!! ;)
Most of the tutorials I used are from So go check out her blog! It's incredibly cute and her tutorials are the best for air heads like me!! :D
And speaking of holidays, my 1-week-left-holiday is finally starting~
We're going to Hervey Bay (somewhere in Queensland) tomorrow!! And I'll be sure to take lots of pics.. probably..

Btw. I still haven't done my resume . . .

P.S. And can someone please lemme know if I'm overdoing it? Yeah, that'll be great!!!

K. Bye!

EDIT: ahahha!! it works!! :D Make sure to hover over it or else it'll simply look like a black box with a purple border..


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