Wish List

Ah. I am a girl that is way too full of ambitions.. and with that, I have a lot of things that I want to do. Some may be far-fetched and some easily achievable.
  1. Get dancing lessons: I want to do contemporary dancing.
  2. Get singing lessons: I want to train my voice so that I could lead the people properly in Praise and Worship.
  3. Get acting lessons: I want to become a stage actress.
  4. Get soccer lessons: Soccer is just waaaay too much fun!
  5. Get a camera: Too many memories to remember.
  6. Decide what career I should pursue... suggestions?
  7. Become an amazing wife and mother as in Proverbs 31.
  8. Get fitter and skinnier: I want to model.
  9. Speaking of model, I want to be a great role model for young girls.
  10. Learn to speak Filipino and Japanese fluently..
  11. Be competent in French.
  13. Get a 'Travel The World' partner.
  14. Ride a cruise!! 
  15. Go to Egypt - tourist attractions!
  16. Create an 'Around The World' album.
  17. Keep this blog alive.
  18. Make 'Around The World' a label (as in tags).
  19. Make and create lots of connections in high-rated businesses.
  20. Support my sisters in every (right) thing they do.
  21. Become a great sister and daughter!! 
  22. Mend my relationship with my father.
That's it for now BUT I am soooo sure, the list will surely grow.

Photo by Eiri

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