Thursday, 3 October 2013


Hey guys!!!


I'm moving to WORDPRESS! :)

Visit me there!

See you there!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Procrastinating during the holidays..?


Well.. as none of you may know, because there is no one reading.. I am on holidays at the moment and I only have 4 days of it left. Yay.

In the previous post, I said that I'll be working on Macbeth, right? Well. No, not anymore. Blogging is way more fun..
And I'm sure all you Caspers noticed that on the sidebar, I have a new slideshow!! It's a Soul Food Slideshow!!
I am sooooo keen!! I spent hours gathering those bible scripture pictures and made them into a slideshow here for my blog! :)
The Scripture images are thanks to:
and last but not least. . .
~ Aira

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pinch and a punch, it's the first day of the month!

Happy 1st of October!! :)

I just remembered!!! It's my friend's birthday today!!! :O
I just realised . . . I have no means of contacting her..
It's the school holidays (in which I only have 1 week of it left) and she has no facebook or anything.. and I don't have a phone.. sooo..

Next term.. The year 11's will only have 8 weeks of school, 1 of which is camp.. Sooo it's gonna be really fast paced :(
In order for me to not lag behind, I'm gonna be a good girl and do my English homework already!!! Yay!
Annnnd for english, we're gonna be doing the Scottish play, Macbeth! >:O

Well. I'm a theatre bug so Shakespeare = joy!! :D

I'm gonna go and finish it now.. Soooo.


Legit the best dream and... Special announcement!!

This post was meant for yesterday buuuut we had no internet whatsoever. The neighbour accidentally drilled through our internet service line thingy ma jiggy. 
Good morning!
I just woke up~!!


Well y'know.. We have this guy in school who is majorly charismatic. He is not actually that great looking but he is amazing. Everybody loves him haha. And he's been friendzoned by the girl I don't like that much - will explain later. Annnd she still flirts with him. LIKE WTH?

He and I have lots in common including: interest in music and drama, we both have a loud personality but are quiet with friends, and that's about it. 

I think of him as a big puppy, sort of. 

I want to write down my dream so I won't forget.. But it's so hard to put in words.. But I'll try. 
Here are some snippets that I could remember.. But don't match up at all..
1) I overheard him talking with my dad..?

2) I was in the pool swimming and singing, and it seemed like he heard..

3) Well, I was then in a abandoned room, you could say, it had cobwebs and stuff everywhere.. And he 
was there (?!).. We were talking but I can't seem to remember what it was about.
 In real life, when he and I talk, usually in Music and Drama, it's normally about the subject. I tend to ask him a lot of questions in music. He is so smart and gifted in music after all. And he is a great help!! ( ̄▽ ̄)
Continue with the dream... But in the dream.. I think we were flirting..
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
And then he asked, 'was it you singing in the pool?' And I was like Σ(゚д゚lll)'no...........' And he was looking straight into my eyes and and and because he was so intimidating we were moving backwards!and I tripped over something... And we're on the floor. 

4) There was like a 'cut' in there coz the next thing in remember is my friend's sister calling him and saying 'come on, mum's here. Time to go!'

5) and then he kissed me. ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
Jokes. That last part didn't happen. Buuuuuut. My heart skipped so fast when I woke up, that is seemed like it did. 

I don't really know what love love is in a relationship.. Like I've never ever dated anyone. And I'm still confused about my feelings for my first crush, and my soccer coach (my age, don't worry). And now HE comes in?! I never thought of him as a love interest until this dream. (。-_-。)

I swear I had that dream coz I was singing all night last night and read manga til 4am. I. Am. Crazy. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I probs won't post any covers until someone asks for it OR until I get my singing lessons. 
I desperately want one. I just learnt how to sing from musical, and since then I've enjoyed singing so much. But I lack knowledge... I'm actually not bad, just that.. I could be better...

And that's it!!!!

P.S I've finished my resume ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
~Aira, a woman full of secrets. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

My bed has never felt better!

I AM BACK!!!! Travelling has never been my forte. I enjoy it greatly but not my cup of tea σ(^_^;)
I am hungry, but we are back!! Yayayayayyayayay!!!

I missed out on going out to the movies with my dear friends :'(
And. And. And. Yeah. I don't know what else to say, except that I might be posting some covers soon, I hope..

You guys should definately listen to Kari Jobe and to Sarah Reeves if you haven't yet. They are legit the best. 
I also slept (_ _).。o○ and sang (^O^☆♪ a lot during that long 6 hour car trip. Which kinda made me feel car sick. Haha. (。-_-。)

Okaaaaayyy Imma go play with my guitar and piano.. And test out some new songs by those two...

I'll talk to you guys later! 

~Aira, a happy sushi in bed :)
(Don't mind the makeup. Can't be bothered to get up and move at the moment haha sorry)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

SET UP... Arranged marriages.

Oh my goodness!!


I'm really scared. I feel bad for the son...
Btw, we're at Hervey Bay at the moment. Chillin.

He's not bad looking, but I'm the only one who seems to be kind of engaging in the conversation. I don't think he is interested at all. σ(^_^;)

Oh well. I like someone else anyways. 

Good thing that this wasn't an official arranged marriage. 

This 'experience' kinda just reinforced how much I'd like the other person to take the initiative to start up the conversation or ask me questions for once and actually continue. I know it sounds really really selfish, but it's one of my petty desires.

P.S He still hasn't replied. Which either means 1) he's really not interested. Or 2) he's eating dinner. Or 3) he's been abducted by aliens. I don't know..

~Aira, a maiden in distress.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Having a blog for the sake of customizing and HOLIDAYS!

Hello. So, remember in the last post when I said I finally finished customizing and adding extra glittery stuff? Yeah well, I take that back.

I swear the sole purpose why I have this blog is to have fun with the customisations.. I have no life..
And the best place to get all those glittery icons is from!!
Do you know why I mentioned that? It's so I won't forget. I hate the tendency I have to forget incredibly good websites!! *cough* my old blog ;( *cough*

Okay.. so there's this thing I tweaked called a blockquote, so I'm just gonna test it out right now.. and make sure you hover over it!! ;)
Most of the tutorials I used are from So go check out her blog! It's incredibly cute and her tutorials are the best for air heads like me!! :D
And speaking of holidays, my 1-week-left-holiday is finally starting~
We're going to Hervey Bay (somewhere in Queensland) tomorrow!! And I'll be sure to take lots of pics.. probably..

Btw. I still haven't done my resume . . .

P.S. And can someone please lemme know if I'm overdoing it? Yeah, that'll be great!!!

K. Bye!

EDIT: ahahha!! it works!! :D Make sure to hover over it or else it'll simply look like a black box with a purple border..


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Focused too much on the bling-blings and... zombies?!

So. I have officially kind of finally finished making tiny twerks on this blog. I was so distracted by how it looks and stuff. For example, as you can see there are many colours around. I love that. Haha. 

Anyway, instead of wasting my time doing those unnecessary things, I should've completed my resume!!! I've got to hand in one today to a few stores. Despite being a stressed senior student, I desperately need a job. Why? I guess, it gives me reason to procrastinate...?

Haha. Believe it or not, I got higher grades when I had and when I did extracurricular activities. And now since musical AND soccer is finished. I need something to fill that tiny hole in my heart. SOCCER WAS THE BEST!! I had so much fun! 

Oh and the other day.. I went to a friend's birthday party. And guess what the theme was?! Arkham Halloween!! It was the best. Except for one tiny little thing. You know when someone says Halloween or arkham themed, one would think bloody bodies, right!? NOOOOO.. People just had to come in the most fashionable clothes. And me, being me, I came as a ZOMBIE HIGH SCHOOL GIRL. Yes. One that's FULL OF BLOOD. 

Exhibit A: the birthday girl is dressed as Harley Quinn. She made her own dress. *clap* *clap*

Exhibit B: *okay guys! Do your scariest pose!*
Anyhoots. My little sister (2yrs) is sleeping on me right now. And she's making ME sleepy. Yay. 
I'm gonna go now and maybe talk some more later. 

Please gimme some love by commenting down below. 
And P.S. Did anyone else notice those randomly amazing alliterations in this post. Didn't do it on purpose. I swear. 

Gosh, I need friends. 
K Bye. 

P.P.S I'll do my resume later. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

First day

So.. I used to have a different blog. Much older than this one... But I can't seem to remember my login details -.-

Well.. I'm currently on term break for 2 weeks. And these two weeks are passing pretty quickly. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm not doing anything..?
So here I am, created a blog, talking to myself, hoping that no one will read it - which I may add, is pretty impossible, since it is online after all -.-

But it doesn't matter since no one I know can read this. Why? Well it's because they're all tumblrs.. I think that's enough for today..
I really do hope to make some friends online though :)

I will be creating a page about me though.. Like, just my personal introduction haha :)

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